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    Policies & Procedures

For any questions or concerns regarding the following, please see a member of the management team.

It is the intent of Belmar Golf Club to limit the following policies and procedures to the minimum required in order to maximize the mutual enjoyment of the Club by all its Members and guests.

The obligation of enforcing these policies for the good of the Membership is placed primarily in the hands of the management and staff, whose principal responsibility is to assure you all courtesies, comforts, privileges and services to which you, as a member of a fine club, are entitled. It is further the responsibility of the Membership of the Club to know its policies and procedures and to cooperate with the management and staff in enforcement thereof.

The operation of the Club shall be under the direction of the management team with full authority under the Club’s Ownership to enforce these policies and procedures. The management team shall meet periodically for purposes of answering questions, providing information and receiving suggestions on the operation of the Club. Members who wish to submit suggestions or comments on any area of the Club operations are requested to do so by filling out a suggestion slip and putting it in the Club suggestion boxes located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Club ownership and management will give consideration and time to matters which are brought to their attention.

The Club’s policies and procedures may be modified as necessary by the management team. Rule changes will be posted in the Club and printed in the Club newsletter.

The Club is a privately owned limited liability corporation. The Club name, membership roster or facilities may not be used by any individual or organized group (within or outside the membership) to sponsor or organize any activities, to solicit the membership as a group or any individual Members for any purpose, or to post advertising of any nature.

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Mission Statement

Belmar Golf Club strives to provide a high-quality, family oriented and golf-centric atmosphere within a country club environment. Our management and highly-trained staff aim to exceed member’s and guest’s expectations by consistently providing stellar facilities and exceptional service.